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You know you’re still adjusting to life outside of Thailand when:

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Today marks one month since I moved back to Canada. In honour, I’ve composed this small list…

You know you’re still adjusting to life outside of Thailand when:

1) Being only given a knife and fork, you borrow the serving spoon from the lamb saag so you can eat your curry fork and spoon in hand, Thai style. Your dining companion only looks mildly askance at you.

2) You have minor laughing fits standing at crosswalk lights, looking at your fellow pedestrians, “Surely we just wade out into traffic, don’t we? There’s hardly anyone on the road!”

3) You actually miss your daily commute on the back of a motorbike taxi, kamikaze style into oncoming traffic.

4) Without the cacophony of Bangkok streets, the silence freaks you out when you first wake up. You literally tense up wondering where all the people have gone and if that’s the silence of nuclear winter??

5) You can understand every damn word of folks out on the street, on public transit, in the shops…and you really wish you couldn’t. (10 blocks on the streetcar listening to some chick fight with her boyfriend…argh…)

6) You’re somehow indignant that you have to clean your own apartment and do your own laundry.

7) You reel at the price of a taxi and decide to walk instead. And you CAN walk outside! [

8) You’re still made giddy by green leafy parks and wide open natural spaces.

9) Waddya mean I can’t get a fresh fruit smoothie on the street for 30 cents??

10) You can bust out your three inch heels again and even then you’re not the tallest girl out. Fancy that!


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